class: ArcDiagramSeries

class ArcDiagramSeries(**kwargs)[source]

Arc diagram series is a chart drawing style in which the vertices of the chart are positioned along a line on the Euclidean plane and the edges are drawn as a semicircle in one of the two half-planes delimited by the line, or as smooth curves formed by sequences of semicircles.

Arc Diagram Example Chart
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Generate an unambiguous and complete str representation of the object.


An unambiguous and complete str representation of the object (which may have varying degrees of readability).

Return type:



Return a human-readable str representation of the series.


To ensure that the result is human-readable, the string representation will be generated without its .data property.


If you would like a complete and unambiguous str representation, then you can:

  • use the __repr__() method,

  • call repr(my_series), or

  • serialize the series to JSON using my_series.to_json().


A str representation of the chart.

Return type: