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from typing import Optional
from decimal import Decimal

from validator_collection import validators

from highcharts_core.metaclasses import HighchartsMeta

[docs]class LinkOptions(HighchartsMeta): """Link style options.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._color = None self._dash_style = None self._width = None self.color = kwargs.get('color', None) self.dash_style = kwargs.get('dash_style', None) self.width = kwargs.get('width', None) @property def color(self) -> Optional[str]: """Color of the link between two nodes. Defaults to ``rgba(100, 100, 100, 0.5)``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._color @color.setter def color(self, value): self._color = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def dash_style(self) -> Optional[str]: """A name for the dash style to use for links. Defaults to :obj:`None <python:None>`. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._dash_style @dash_style.setter def dash_style(self, value): self._dash_style = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def width(self) -> Optional[int | float | Decimal]: """Width (px) of the link between two nodes. Defaults to ``1``. :rtype: numeric or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._width @width.setter def width(self, value): self._width = validators.numeric(value, allow_empty = True) @classmethod def _get_kwargs_from_dict(cls, as_dict): kwargs = { 'color': as_dict.get('color', None), 'dash_style': as_dict.get('dashStyle', None), 'width': as_dict.get('width', None) } return kwargs def _to_untrimmed_dict(self, in_cls = None) -> dict: untrimmed = { 'color': self.color, 'dashStyle': self.dash_style, 'width': self.width } return untrimmed