Source code for highcharts_core.options.pane

from typing import Optional, List
from decimal import Decimal

from validator_collection import validators

from highcharts_core import constants, errors, utility_functions
from highcharts_core.decorators import class_sensitive
from highcharts_core.metaclasses import HighchartsMeta
from highcharts_core.utility_classes.gradients import Gradient
from highcharts_core.utility_classes.patterns import Pattern

[docs]class PaneBackground(HighchartsMeta): """Configuration of the background items to display within a :class:`Pane`.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._background_color = None self._border_color = None self._border_width = None self._class_name = None self._inner_radius = None self._outer_radius = None self._shape = None self.background_color = kwargs.get('background_color', None) self.border_color = kwargs.get('border_color', None) self.border_width = kwargs.get('border_width', None) self.class_name = kwargs.get('class_name', None) self.inner_radius = kwargs.get('inner_radius', None) self.outer_radius = kwargs.get('outer_radius', None) self.shape = kwargs.get('shape', None) @property def background_color(self) -> Optional[str | Gradient | Pattern]: """The background color or gradient for the pane. Defaults to ``'{ "linearGradient": { "x1": 0, "y1": 0, "x2": 0, "y2": 1 }, stops: [[0, "#ffffff"], [1, "#e6e6e6"]] }'``. :returns: The backgorund color for the outer chart area. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>`, :class:`Gradient`, :class:`Pattern``, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._background_color @background_color.setter def background_color(self, value): self._background_color = utility_functions.validate_color(value) @property def border_color(self) -> Optional[str | Gradient | Pattern]: """The color of the pane border. Defaults to ``'#cccccc'``. :returns: The color of the pane's border. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>`, :class:`Gradient`, :class:`Pattern``, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._border_color @border_color.setter def border_color(self, value): self._border_color = utility_functions.validate_color(value) @property def border_width(self) -> Optional[int | float | Decimal]: """The border width (in pixels) applied to the outer chart border. Defaults to ``1``. :returns: The border width to apply to the pane. :rtype: numeric or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._border_width @border_width.setter def border_width(self, value): self._border_width = validators.numeric(value, allow_empty = True) @property def class_name(self) -> Optional[str]: """A classname to apply styling using CSS. Defaults to ``'highcharts-pane'``. :returns: The classname to apply to enable styling via CSS. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._class_name @class_name.setter def class_name(self, value): self._class_name = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def inner_radius(self) -> Optional[int | float | Decimal | str]: """The inner radius (in pixels if numeric or as a percentage string) applied to the pane. Defaults to ``0``. :returns: The inner radius of the pane background. :rtype: numeric or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._inner_radius @inner_radius.setter def inner_radius(self, value): if value is None or value == '': self._inner_radius = None else: try: self._inner_radius = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) except ValueError: self._inner_radius = validators.numeric(value, allow_empty = True) @property def outer_radius(self) -> Optional[int | float | Decimal | str]: """The outer radius (in pixels if numeric or as a percentage string) applied to a circular pane background. Defaults to ``'105%'``. :returns: The outer radius of the pane background. :rtype: numeric or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._outer_radius @outer_radius.setter def outer_radius(self, value): if value is None or value == '': self._outer_radius = None else: try: self._outer_radius = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) except ValueError: self._outer_radius = validators.numeric(value, allow_empty = True) @property def shape(self) -> Optional[str]: """The shape of the pane background. Defaults to ``'circle'``. Accepts: * ``'circle'`` * ``'solid'`` * ``'arc'`` .. note:: When ``'solid'``, the background is circular. When ``'arc'``, the background extends only from the min to the max of the value axis. :rtype: :class:`str` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._shape @shape.setter def shape(self, value): if not value: self._shape = None else: value = validators.string(value) value = value.lower() if value not in ['circle', 'solid', 'arc']: raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'shape expects "circle", "solid", or ' f'"arc". Received: {value}') self._shape = value @classmethod def _get_kwargs_from_dict(cls, as_dict): kwargs = { 'background_color': as_dict.get('backgroundColor', None), 'border_color': as_dict.get('borderColor', None), 'border_width': as_dict.get('borderWidth', None), 'class_name': as_dict.get('className', None), 'inner_radius': as_dict.get('innerRadius', None), 'outer_radius': as_dict.get('outerRadius', None), 'shape': as_dict.get('shape', None), } return kwargs def _to_untrimmed_dict(self, in_cls = None) -> dict: untrimmed = { 'backgroundColor': self.background_color, 'borderColor': self.border_color, 'borderWidth': self.border_width, 'className': self.class_name, 'innerRadius': self.inner_radius, 'outerRadius': self.outer_radius, 'shape': self.shape } return untrimmed
[docs]class Pane(HighchartsMeta): """The pane serves as a container for axes and backgrounds for circular gauges and polar charts.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._background = None self._center = None self._end_angle = None self._inner_size = None self._size = None self._start_angle = None self.background = kwargs.get('background', None) = kwargs.get('center', None) self.end_angle = kwargs.get('end_angle', None) self.inner_size = kwargs.get('inner_size', None) self.size = kwargs.get('size', None) self.start_angle = kwargs.get('start_angle', None) @property def _dot_path(self) -> Optional[str]: """The dot-notation path to the options key for the current class. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return 'pane' @property def background(self) -> Optional[List[PaneBackground]]: """An array of background items for the pane. :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of :class:`PaneBackground`, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._background @background.setter @class_sensitive(PaneBackground, force_iterable = True) def background(self, value): self._background = value @property def center(self) -> Optional[List[str | int]]: """The center of a polar chart or angular gauge, given as an array of ``[x, y]`` positions. Positions can be given as integers that transform to pixels, or as percentages of the plot area size. Defaults to ``[['50%', '50%']]``. :returns: Collection of positions, or :obj:`None <python:None>` :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of two-item :class:`list <python:list>` where each item is either a :class:`str <python:str>` or :class:`int <python:int>`, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._center @center.setter def center(self, value): if not value: self._center = None else: value = validators.iterable(value, allow_empty = False, minimum_length = 2, maximum_length = 2) validated = [] for item in value: try: item = validators.string(item) if '%' not in item: raise errors.HighchartsValueError('center expects either a ' 'numeric value or a percentage ' 'string. No "%"" symbol found.') except ValueError: item = validators.numeric(item) validated.append(item) self._center = validated @property def end_angle(self) -> Optional[int | float | Decimal]: """The end angle of the polar X axis or gauge value axis, given in degrees where ``0`` is north. Defaults to :meth:`Pane.start_angle` if :obj:`None <python:None>`. :rtype: numeric or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._end_angle @end_angle.setter def end_angle(self, value): self._end_angle = validators.numeric(value, allow_empty = True) @property def inner_size(self) -> Optional[int | float | Decimal | str]: """The inner size of the pane, either as a number defining pixels, or a percentage defining a percentage of the pane's size. Defaults to ``'0%'``. :rtype: numeric or :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._inner_size @inner_size.setter def inner_size(self, value): if not value: self._inner_size = None else: try: self._inner_size = validators.string(value) except ValueError: self._inner_size = validators.numeric(value) @property def size(self) -> Optional[int | float | Decimal | str]: """The size of the pane, either as a number defining pixels, or a percentage defining a percentage of the pane's size. Defaults to ``'85%'``. :rtype: numeric or :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._size @size.setter def size(self, value): if not value: self._size = None else: try: value = validators.string(value) if '%' not in value: raise errors.HighchartsValueError('size expects either a number or ' 'a percentage string. No "%" ' 'symbol found.') except (ValueError, TypeError): self._size = validators.numeric(value) @property def start_angle(self) -> Optional[int | float | Decimal]: """The start angle of the polar X axis or gauge value axis, given in degrees where ``0`` is north. Defaults to ``0``. :rtype: numeric or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._start_angle @start_angle.setter def start_angle(self, value): self._start_angle = validators.numeric(value, allow_empty = True) @classmethod def _get_kwargs_from_dict(cls, as_dict): kwargs = { 'background': as_dict.get('background', None), 'center': as_dict.get('center', None), 'end_angle': as_dict.get('endAngle', None), 'inner_size': as_dict.get('innerSize', None), 'size': as_dict.get('size', None), 'start_angle': as_dict.get('startAngle', None), } return kwargs def _to_untrimmed_dict(self, in_cls = None) -> dict: untrimmed = { 'background': self.background, 'center':, 'endAngle': self.end_angle, 'innerSize': self.inner_size, 'size': self.size, 'startAngle': self.start_angle } return untrimmed