Source code for highcharts_core.options.credits

import os
from typing import Optional

from validator_collection import validators

from highcharts_core import constants
from highcharts_core.decorators import class_sensitive
from highcharts_core.metaclasses import HighchartsMeta
from highcharts_core.utility_classes.position import Position

[docs]class CreditStyleOptions(HighchartsMeta): """CSS styles that are applicable to the :class:`Credits` label.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._color = None self._cursor = None self._font_size = None self.color = kwargs.get('color', None) self.cursor = kwargs.get('cursor', None) self.font_size = kwargs.get('font_size', None) @property def color(self) -> Optional[str]: """The color to apply to the label. Defaults to ``'#999999'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>`. """ return self._color @color.setter def color(self, value): self._color = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def cursor(self) -> Optional[str]: """The value to pass for the mouse cursor. Defaults to ``'pointer'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._cursor @cursor.setter def cursor(self, value): self._cursor = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def font_size(self) -> Optional[str]: """The font size to apply to the label. Defaults to ``'9px'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._font_size @font_size.setter def font_size(self, value): self._font_size = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @classmethod def _get_kwargs_from_dict(cls, as_dict): kwargs = { 'color': as_dict.get('color', None), 'cursor': as_dict.get('cursor', None), 'font_size': as_dict.get('fontSize', None) } return kwargs def _to_untrimmed_dict(self, in_cls = None) -> dict: untrimmed = { 'color': self.color, 'cursor': self.cursor, 'fontSize': self.font_size } return untrimmed
[docs]class Credits(HighchartsMeta): """Highchart by default puts a credits label in the lower right corner of the chart. This can be changed using these options.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._enabled = None self._href = None self._position = None self._style = None self._text = None self.enabled = kwargs.get('enabled', None) self.href = kwargs.get('href', None) self.position = kwargs.get('position', None) = kwargs.get('style', None) self.text = kwargs.get('text', None) @property def _dot_path(self) -> Optional[str]: """The dot-notation path to the options key for the current class. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return 'credits' @property def enabled(self) -> Optional[bool]: """If ``True``, renders the credits text. Defaults to ``True``. :returns: Flag enabling or disabling credits. :rtype: :class:`bool <python:bool>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._enabled @enabled.setter def enabled(self, value): if value is None: self._enabled = None else: self._enabled = bool(value) @property def href(self) -> Optional[str]: """The URL for the credits label. Defaults to ``''``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` :raises ValueError: if not a URL, path-like string, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._href @href.setter def href(self, value): self._href = validators.url( value, allow_empty=True, allow_special_ips=os.getenv("HCP_ALLOW_SPECIAL_IPS", False), ) @property def position(self) -> Optional[Position]: """The position of the credits. Defaults to :obj:`None <python:None>`. :rtype: :class:`Position` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._position @position.setter @class_sensitive(Position) def position(self, value): self._position = value @property def style(self) -> Optional[CreditStyleOptions]: """CSS Styles for the credits label. Defaults to: .. code-block:: python { 'color': '#999999', 'cursor': 'pointer', 'fontSize': '9px' } :rtype: :class:`CreditStyleOptions` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._style @style.setter @class_sensitive(CreditStyleOptions) def style(self, value): self._style = value @property def text(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text for the credits label. Defaults to ``'Highcharts'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._text @text.setter def text(self, value): self._text = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @classmethod def _get_kwargs_from_dict(cls, as_dict): kwargs = { 'enabled': as_dict.get('enabled', None), 'href': as_dict.get('href', None), 'position': as_dict.get('position', None), 'style': as_dict.get('style', None), 'text': as_dict.get('text', None) } return kwargs def _to_untrimmed_dict(self, in_cls = None) -> dict: untrimmed = { 'enabled': self.enabled, 'href': self.href, 'position': self.position, 'style':, 'text': self.text, } return untrimmed