Source code for highcharts_core.options.annotations

from typing import Optional, List

from validator_collection import validators

from highcharts_core import constants, errors
from highcharts_core.decorators import class_sensitive
from highcharts_core.metaclasses import HighchartsMeta

from highcharts_core.options.annotations.animation import AnnotationAnimation
from highcharts_core.options.annotations.control_point_options import AnnotationControlPointOption
from import AnnotationEvent
from highcharts_core.options.annotations.label_options import LabelOptions
from highcharts_core.options.annotations.label_options import AnnotationLabel
from highcharts_core.options.annotations.shape_options import ShapeOptions
from highcharts_core.options.annotations.shape_options import AnnotationShape

[docs]class Annotation(HighchartsMeta): """A basic type of an annotation. It allows adding custom labels or shapes. The items can be tied to points, axis coordinates or chart pixel coordinates.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._animation = None self._control_point_options = None self._crop = None self._draggable = None self._events = None self._id = None self._label_options = None self._labels = None self._shape_options = None self._shapes = None self._visible = None self._z_index = None self.animation = kwargs.get('animation', None) self.control_point_options = kwargs.get('control_point_options', None) self.crop = kwargs.get('crop', None) self.draggable = kwargs.get('draggable', None) = kwargs.get('events', None) = kwargs.get('id', None) self.label_options = kwargs.get('label_options', None) self.labels = kwargs.get('labels', None) self.shape_options = kwargs.get('shape_options', None) self.shapes = kwargs.get('shapes', None) self.visible = kwargs.get('visible', None) self.z_index = kwargs.get('z_index', None) @property def _dot_path(self) -> Optional[str]: """The dot-notation path to the options key for the current class. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return 'annotations' @property def animation(self) -> Optional[AnnotationAnimation]: """Enable or disable the initial animation when a series is displayed for the annotation. If not :obj:`None <python:None>`, is enabled. Otherwise, disabled. .. warning:: This option only applies to the initial animation. For other animations, see ``chart.animation`` and the animation parameter under the API methods. :returns: The configuration settings for the annotation animation. :rtype: :class:`AnnotationAnimation` """ return self._animation @animation.setter @class_sensitive(AnnotationAnimation) def animation(self, value): self._animation = value @property def control_point_options(self) -> Optional[AnnotationControlPointOption]: """Options for annotation's control points. Each control point inherits options from this property, though the global options can be overwritten by options in a specific control point. :returns: Options configuring the annotations' control points. :rtype: :class:`AnnotationControlPointOption` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._control_point_options @control_point_options.setter @class_sensitive(AnnotationControlPointOption) def control_point_options(self, value): self._control_point_options = value @property def crop(self) -> Optional[bool]: """If ``True``, hide the part of the annotation that is outside the plot area. Defaults to ``True``. :returns: Flag indicating whether to clip an annotation that extends beyond the plot area. :rtype: :class:`bool <python:bool>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._crop @crop.setter def crop(self, value): if value is None: self._crop = None else: self._crop = bool(value) @property def draggable(self) -> Optional[str]: """Setting that allows an annotation to be draggable by a user. Defaults to ``'xy'`` Supports values: * ``'x'`` * ``'xy'`` * ``'y'`` * ``''`` (empty string - disables dragging) :returns: Configuration of annotation dragging by the user. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` :raises HighchartsValueError: if an unsupported value is supplied """ return self._draggable @draggable.setter def draggable(self, value): if value is None: self._draggable = None else: value = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) or '' value = value.lower() if value not in ['x', 'xy', 'y', '']: raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'draggable must be "x", "xy", "y", ' f'or "". Was: {value}') self._draggable = value @property def events(self) -> Optional[AnnotationEvent]: """JavaScript callback functions that fire in response to annotation-related events. :returns: Callback functions that fire in response to annotation-related events. :rtype: :class:`AnnotationEvent` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._events @events.setter @class_sensitive(AnnotationEvent) def events(self, value): self._events = value @property def id(self) -> Optional[str]: """Sets an ID for the annotation. Can be user later when removing an annotation using the JavaScript ``Chart.removeAnnotation(id)`` method. :returns: The ID for the annotation. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._id @id.setter def id(self, value): self._id = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def label_options(self) -> Optional[LabelOptions]: """Global options applied to all annotation labels. .. note:: An option from the :meth:`Annotation.label_options` can be overwritten by the configuration for a specific label. :returns: Configuration options for annotation labels. :rtype: :class:`LabelOptions` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._label_options @label_options.setter @class_sensitive(LabelOptions) def label_options(self, value): self._label_options = value @property def labels(self) -> Optional[List[AnnotationLabel]]: """An array of labels to display for annotations. .. seealso:: * :meth:`Annotation.label_options` * :class:`LabelOptions` :returns: A collection of labels to display for annotation. :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of :class:`AnnotationLabel` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._labels @labels.setter @class_sensitive(AnnotationLabel, force_iterable = True) def labels(self, value): self._labels = value @property def shape_options(self) -> Optional[ShapeOptions]: """Global options applied to all annotation shapes. .. note:: An option from the :meth:`Annotation.shape_options` can be overwritten by the configuration for a specific shape. :returns: Configuration options for annotation shapes. :rtype: :class:`ShapeOptions` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._shape_options @shape_options.setter @class_sensitive(ShapeOptions) def shape_options(self, value): self._shape_options = value @property def shapes(self) -> Optional[List[AnnotationShape]]: """An array of shapes to display for annotations. .. seealso:: * :meth:`Annotation.shape_options` * :class:`shapeOptions` :returns: A collection of shapes to display for annotation. :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of :class:`AnnotationShape` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._shapes @shapes.setter @class_sensitive(AnnotationShape, force_iterable = True) def shapes(self, value): self._shapes = value @property def visible(self) -> Optional[bool]: """If ``True``, indicates the annotation is visible. :returns: Flag which indicates whether the annotation is visible or not. :rtype: :class:`bool <python:bool>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._visible @visible.setter def visible(self, value): if value is None: self._visible = None else: self._visible = bool(value) @property def z_index(self) -> Optional[int]: """The Z-Index for the annotation. Defaults to ``6``. :returns: The z-index for the annotation. :rtype: :class:`int <python:int>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._z_index @z_index.setter def z_index(self, value): self._z_index = validators.integer(value, allow_empty = True) @classmethod def _get_kwargs_from_dict(cls, as_dict): kwargs = { 'animation': as_dict.get('animation', None), 'control_point_options': as_dict.get('controlPointOptions', None), 'crop': as_dict.get('crop', None), 'draggable': as_dict.get('draggable', None), 'events': as_dict.get('events', None), 'id': as_dict.get('id', None), 'label_options': as_dict.get('labelOptions', None), 'labels': as_dict.get('labels', None), 'shape_options': as_dict.get('shapeOptions', None), 'shapes': as_dict.get('shapes', None), 'visible': as_dict.get('visible', None), 'z_index': as_dict.get('zIndex', None), } return kwargs def _to_untrimmed_dict(self, in_cls = None) -> dict: untrimmed = { 'animation': self.animation, 'controlPointOptions': self.control_point_options, 'crop': self.crop, 'draggable': self.draggable, 'events':, 'id':, 'labelOptions': self.label_options, 'labels': self.labels, 'shapeOptions': self.shape_options, 'shapes': self.shapes, 'visible': self.visible, 'zIndex': self.z_index } return untrimmed