Source code for highcharts_core.global_options.language

from typing import Optional, List

from validator_collection import validators, checkers

from highcharts_core import constants, errors
from highcharts_core.decorators import class_sensitive
from highcharts_core.metaclasses import HighchartsMeta
from highcharts_core.global_options.language.accessibility import AccessibilityLanguageOptions
from highcharts_core.global_options.language.export_data import ExportDataLanguageOptions
from highcharts_core.global_options.language.navigation import NavigationLanguageOptions

[docs]class Language(HighchartsMeta): """Collection of configuration settings for UI strings that can be adapted for display in specific languages. .. note:: The :class:`Language` object is a global setting in Highcharts and it *cannot* be set on each chart initialization. Instead, it has to be set using (in JavaScript) ``Highcharts.setOptions(...)`` before any chart is initialized. """ def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._accessibility = None self._context_button_title = None self._decimal_point = None self._download_csv = None self._download_jpeg = None self._download_midi = None self._download_pdf = None self._download_png = None self._download_svg = None self._download_xls = None self._drillup_text = None self._exit_fullscreen = None self._export_data = None self._export_in_progress = None self._hide_data = None self._invalid_date = None self._loading = None self._main_breadcrumb = None self._months = None self._navigation = None self._no_data = None self._numeric_symbol_magnitude = None self._numeric_symbols = None self._play_as_sound = None self._print_chart = None self._reset_zoom = None self._reset_zoom_title = None self._short_months = None self._short_weekdays = None self._thousands_separator = None self._view_data = None self._view_fullscreen = None self._weekdays = None self.accessibility = kwargs.get('accessibility', None) self.context_button_title = kwargs.get('context_button_title', None) self.decimal_point = kwargs.get('decimal_point', None) self.download_csv = kwargs.get('download_csv', None) self.download_jpeg = kwargs.get('download_jpeg', None) self.download_midi = kwargs.get('download_midi', None) self.download_pdf = kwargs.get('download_pdf', None) self.download_png = kwargs.get('download_png', None) self.download_svg = kwargs.get('download_svg', None) self.download_xls = kwargs.get('download_xls', None) self.drillup_text = kwargs.get('drillup_text', None) self.exit_fullscreen = kwargs.get('exit_fullscreen', None) self.export_data = kwargs.get('export_data', None) self.export_in_progress = kwargs.get('export_in_progress', None) self.hide_data = kwargs.get('hide_data', None) self.invalid_date = kwargs.get('invalid_date', None) self.loading = kwargs.get('loading', None) self.main_breadcrumb = kwargs.get('main_breadcrumb', None) self.months = kwargs.get('months', None) self.navigation = kwargs.get('navigation', None) self.no_data = kwargs.get('no_data', None) self.numeric_symbol_magnitude = kwargs.get('numeric_symbol_magnitude', None) self.numeric_symbols = kwargs.get('numeric_symbols', None) self.play_as_sound = kwargs.get('play_as_sound', None) self.print_chart = kwargs.get('print_chart', None) self.reset_zoom = kwargs.get('reset_zoom', None) self.reset_zoom_title = kwargs.get('reset_zoom_title', None) self.short_months = kwargs.get('short_months', None) self.short_weekdays = kwargs.get('short_weekdays', None) self.thousands_separator = kwargs.get('thousands_separator', None) self.view_data = kwargs.get('view_data', None) self.view_fullscreen = kwargs.get('view_fullscreen', None) self.weekdays = kwargs.get('weekdays', None) @property def _dot_path(self) -> Optional[str]: """The dot-notation path to the options key for the current class. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return 'lang' @property def accessibility(self) -> Optional[AccessibilityLanguageOptions]: """Configuration of accessibility strings in the chart. .. note:: Requires the `accessibility module <>`_ to be loaded. For a description of the module and information on its features, see `Accessibility <>`_. .. hint:: For more dynamic control over the accessibility functionality, see :meth:`Accessibility.point.description_formatter`, :meth:`Accessibility.series.description_formatter`, and :meth:`Accessibility.screen_reader_section.before_chart_formatter`. :returns: Accessibility strings used in the chart. :rtype: :class:`AccessibilityLanguageOptions` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._accessibility @accessibility.setter @class_sensitive(AccessibilityLanguageOptions) def accessibility(self, value): self._accessibility = value @property def context_button_title(self) -> Optional[str]: """The tooltip title for the context menu holding print and export menu items. Defaults to ``'Chart context menu'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._context_button_title @context_button_title.setter def context_button_title(self, value): self._context_button_title = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def decimal_point(self) -> Optional[str]: """Decimal point used in (JavaScript) ``Highcharts.numberFormat``. Defaults to ``.``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._decimal_point @decimal_point.setter def decimal_point(self, value): self._decimal_point = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def download_csv(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text for the context menu item that allows the user to download a CSV of the chart/data. Defaults to ``'Download CSV'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._download_csv @download_csv.setter def download_csv(self, value): self._download_csv = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def download_jpeg(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text for the context menu item that allows the user to download a JPEG of the chart/data. Defaults to ``'Download JPEG'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._download_jpeg @download_jpeg.setter def download_jpeg(self, value): self._download_jpeg = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def download_midi(self) -> Optional[str]: """ .. versionadded:: Highcharts Core for Python v.1.1.0 / Highcharts Core (JS) v.11.0.0 Text for the context menu item that allows the user to download a MIDI of the chart/data. Defaults to ``'Download MIDI'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._download_midi @download_midi.setter def download_midi(self, value): self._download_midi = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def download_pdf(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text for the context menu item that allows the user to download a PDF of the chart/data. Defaults to ``'Download PDF'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._download_pdf @download_pdf.setter def download_pdf(self, value): self._download_pdf = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def download_png(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text for the context menu item that allows the user to download a PNG of the chart/data. Defaults to ``'Download PNG'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._download_png @download_png.setter def download_png(self, value): self._download_png = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def download_svg(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text for the context menu item that allows the user to download an SVG of the chart/data. Defaults to ``'Download SVG'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._download_svg @download_svg.setter def download_svg(self, value): self._download_svg = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def download_xls(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text for the context menu item that allows the user to download a Microsoft Excel file of the chart/data. Defaults to ``'Download Excel'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._download_xls @download_xls.setter def download_xls(self, value): self._download_xls = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def drillup_text(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text for the button that appears when drilling down, linking back to the parent series. .. note:: The parent series' name is inserted for ``{}``. Defaults to :obj:`None <python:None>`. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._drillup_text @drillup_text.setter def drillup_text(self, value): self._drillup_text = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def exit_fullscreen(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text for the menu item to exit the chart from full screen. Defaults to ``'Exit from full screen'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._exit_fullscreen @exit_fullscreen.setter def exit_fullscreen(self, value): self._exit_fullscreen = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def export_data(self) -> Optional[ExportDataLanguageOptions]: """Language strings used in the exported data table. :rtype: :class:`ExportDataLanguageOptions` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._export_data @export_data.setter @class_sensitive(ExportDataLanguageOptions) def export_data(self, value): self._export_data = value @property def export_in_progress(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text to show when export is in progress. Defaults to ``'Exporting...'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._export_in_progress @export_in_progress.setter def export_in_progress(self, value): if value is None: self._export_in_progress = None else: self._export_in_progress = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def hide_data(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text used for the hide data table menu item. Defaults to: ``'Hide data table'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._hide_data @hide_data.setter def hide_data(self, value): self._hide_data = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def invalid_date(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text to show in a date field for invalid dates. Defaults to ``''`` (an empty string). :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._invalid_date @invalid_date.setter def invalid_date(self, value): self._invalid_date = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def loading(self) -> Optional[str]: """The loading text that appears when the chart is set into the loading state following a (JavaScript) call to ``chart.showLoading()``. Defaults to ``'Loading...'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:None>` """ return self._loading @loading.setter def loading(self, value): self._loading = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def main_breadcrumb(self) -> Optional[str]: """The root item in the breadcrums used when in drilldown mode. Defaults to ``'Main'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._main_breadcrumb @main_breadcrumb.setter def main_breadcrumb(self, value): self._main_breadcrumb = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def months(self) -> Optional[List[str]]: """An array containing the months names. Defaults to: .. code-block:: [ "January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December" ] .. note:: Corresponds to the ``%B`` format string in (JavaScript) ``Highcharts.dateFormat()``. :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of :class:`str <python:str>`, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._months @months.setter def months(self, value): if not value: self._months = None else: if not checkers.is_iterable(value): raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'months expects an iterable of strings' f'. Received a: ' f'{value.__class__.__name__}') elif len(value) != 12: raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'months expects 12 string values, but' f'received: {len(value)}') self._months = [validators.string(x) for x in value] @property def navigation(self) -> Optional[NavigationLanguageOptions]: """The Popup strings used in the chart. .. note:: Requires the ``annotations.js`` or ``annotations-advanced.src.js`` module to be loaded. :rtype: :class:`NavigationLanguageOptions` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._navigation @navigation.setter @class_sensitive(NavigationLanguageOptions) def navigation(self, value): self._navigation = value @property def no_data(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text to display when the chart contains no data. Defaults to ``'No data to display'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._no_data @no_data.setter def no_data(self, value): self._no_data = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def numeric_symbol_magnitude(self) -> Optional[int]: """The magnitude of replacements for :meth:`Language.numeric_symbols` replacements. Defaults to ``1000``. .. hint:: Use ``10000`` for Japanese, Korean and various Chinese locales, which use symbols for 10^4, 10^8 and 10^12. :rtype: :class:`int <python:int>` """ return self._numeric_symbol_magnitude @numeric_symbol_magnitude.setter def numeric_symbol_magnitude(self, value): self._numeric_symbol_magnitude = validators.integer(value, allow_empty = True, minimum = 0, coerce_value = True) @property def numeric_symbols(self) -> Optional[List[str] | constants.EnforcedNullType]: """:term:`Metric suffixes <Metric Suffix>` used to shorten high numbers in axis labels. Defaults to ``["k", "M", "G", "T", "P", "E"]``. .. note:: Replacing any of the positions with :obj:`None <python:None>` or :class:`constants.EnforcedNullType` causes the full number to be written. Setting :meth:`Language.numeric_symbols` as a whole to :obj:`None <python:None>` or :class:`constants.EnforcedNullType` disables shortening altogether. :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of :class:`str <python:str>` or :class:`EnforcedNullType`, or :class:`EnforcedNullType`, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._numeric_symbols @numeric_symbols.setter def numeric_symbols(self, value): if not value: self._numeric_symbols = None elif isinstance(value, constants.EnforcedNullType): self._numeric_symbols = constants.EnforcedNull else: if not checkers.is_iterable(value): raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'numeric_symbols expects an iterable ' f'of values, but received: ' f'{value.__class__.__name__}') validated = [] for item in value: if item is None or item == constants.EnforcedNull: validated.append(item) else: validated.append(validators.string(item)) self._numeric_symbols = validated @property def play_as_sound(self) -> Optional[str]: """ .. versionadded:: Highcharts Core for Python v.1.1.0 / Highcharts Core (JS) v.11.0.0 Text for the context menu item that allows the user to play the chart/data as a sound. Defaults to ``'Play as sound'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._play_as_sound @play_as_sound.setter def play_as_sound(self, value): self._play_as_sound = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def print_chart(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text for the menu item to print the chart. Defaults to ``'Print chart'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._print_chart @print_chart.setter def print_chart(self, value): self._print_chart = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def reset_zoom(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text for the label of the button to reset the zoom when a chart is zoomed. Defaults to ``'Reset zoom'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._reset_zoom @reset_zoom.setter def reset_zoom(self, value): self._reset_zoom = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def reset_zoom_title(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text for the tooltip which appears above the button to reset the zoom when a chart is zoomed. Defaults to ``'Reset zoom level 1:1'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._reset_zoom_title @reset_zoom_title.setter def reset_zoom_title(self, value): self._reset_zoom_title = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def short_months(self) -> Optional[List[str]]: """A collection containing the months names in abbreviated form. Defaults to: .. code-block:: [ "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec" ] .. note:: Corresponds to the ``%b`` format in (JavaScript) ``Highcharts.dateFormat()``. :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of :class:`str <python:str>`, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._short_months @short_months.setter def short_months(self, value): if not value: self._short_months = None else: if not checkers.is_iterable(value): raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'short_months expects an iterable of ' f'strings. Received a: ' f'{value.__class__.__name__}') elif len(value) != 12: raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'short_months expects 12 string values' f', but received: {len(value)}') self._short_months = [validators.string(x) for x in value] @property def short_weekdays(self) -> Optional[List[str]]: """Short week days, starting Sunday. If not specified, Highcharts uses the first three letters of the :meth:`Language.weekdays` setting. :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._short_weekdays @short_weekdays.setter def short_weekdays(self, value): if not value: self._short_weekdays = None else: if not checkers.is_iterable(value): raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'short_weekdays expects an iterable. ' f'Received: {value.__class__.__name__}') self._short_weekdays = [validators.string(x) for x in value] @property def thousands_separator(self) -> Optional[str]: """The default thousands separator used in the (JavaScript) ``Highcharts.numberFormat()`` method unless otherwise specified in the function arguments. Defaults to a single space character, which is recommended in ISO 31-0 and works across Anglo-American and continental European languages. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._thousands_separator @thousands_separator.setter def thousands_separator(self, value): self._thousands_separator = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def view_data(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text for the menu item to view the chart's data table. Defaults to: ``'View data table'`` :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._view_data @view_data.setter def view_data(self, value): self._view_data = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def view_fullscreen(self) -> Optional[str]: """The text for the menu item to view the chart in fullscreen mode. Defaults to: ``'View in full screen'``. :rtype: :class:`str <python:str>` or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._view_fullscreen @view_fullscreen.setter def view_fullscreen(self, value): self._view_fullscreen = validators.string(value, allow_empty = True) @property def weekdays(self) -> Optional[List[str]]: """An array containing the days of the week, starting with Sunday. Defaults to: .. code-block:: [ "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday" ] :rtype: :class:`list <python:list>` of :class:`str <python:str>`, or :obj:`None <python:None>` """ return self._weekdays @weekdays.setter def weekdays(self, value): if not value: self._weekdays = None else: if not checkers.is_iterable(value): raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'weekdays expects an iterable of ' f'strings. Received a: ' f'{value.__class__.__name__}') elif len(value) != 7: raise errors.HighchartsValueError(f'weekdays expects 7 string values, but' f'received: {len(value)}') self._weekdays = [validators.string(x) for x in value] @classmethod def _get_kwargs_from_dict(cls, as_dict): kwargs = { 'accessibility': as_dict.get('accessibility', None), 'context_button_title': as_dict.get('contextButtonTitle', None), 'decimal_point': as_dict.get('decimalPoint', None), 'download_csv': as_dict.get('downloadCSV', None), 'download_jpeg': as_dict.get('downloadJPEG', None), 'download_midi': as_dict.get('downloadMIDI', None), 'download_pdf': as_dict.get('downloadPDF', None), 'download_png': as_dict.get('downloadPNG', None), 'download_svg': as_dict.get('downloadSVG', None), 'download_xls': as_dict.get('downloadXLS', None), 'drillup_text': as_dict.get('drillUpText', None), 'exit_fullscreen': as_dict.get('exitFullscreen', None), 'export_data': as_dict.get('exportData', None), 'export_in_progress': as_dict.get('exportInProgress', None), 'hide_data': as_dict.get('hideData', None), 'invalid_date': as_dict.get('invalidDate', None), 'loading': as_dict.get('loading', None), 'main_breadcrumb': as_dict.get('mainBreadcrumb', None), 'months': as_dict.get('months', None), 'navigation': as_dict.get('navigation', None), 'no_data': as_dict.get('noData', None), 'numeric_symbol_magnitude': as_dict.get('numericSymbolMagnitude', None), 'numeric_symbols': as_dict.get('numericSymbols', None), 'play_as_sound': as_dict.get('playAsSound', None), 'print_chart': as_dict.get('printChart', None), 'reset_zoom': as_dict.get('resetZoom', None), 'reset_zoom_title': as_dict.get('resetZoomTitle', None), 'short_months': as_dict.get('shortMonths', None), 'short_weekdays': as_dict.get('shortWeekdays', None), 'thousands_separator': as_dict.get('thousandsSep', None), 'view_data': as_dict.get('viewData', None), 'view_fullscreen': as_dict.get('viewFullscreen', None), 'weekdays': as_dict.get('weekdays', None), } return kwargs def _to_untrimmed_dict(self, in_cls = None) -> dict: untrimmed = { 'accessibility': self.accessibility, 'contextButtonTitle': self.context_button_title, 'decimalPoint': self.decimal_point, 'downloadCSV': self.download_csv, 'downloadJPEG': self.download_jpeg, 'downloadMIDI': self.download_midi, 'downloadPDF': self.download_pdf, 'downloadPNG': self.download_png, 'downloadSVG': self.download_svg, 'downloadXLS': self.download_xls, 'drillUpText': self.drillup_text, 'exitFullscreen': self.exit_fullscreen, 'exportData': self.export_data, 'exportInProgress': self.export_in_progress, 'hideData': self.hide_data, 'invalidDate': self.invalid_date, 'loading': self.loading, 'mainBreadcrumb': self.main_breadcrumb, 'months': self.months, 'navigation': self.navigation, 'noData': self.no_data, 'numericSymbolMagnitude': self.numeric_symbol_magnitude, 'numericSymbols': self.numeric_symbols, 'playAsSound': self.play_as_sound, 'printChart': self.print_chart, 'resetZoom': self.reset_zoom, 'resetZoomTitle': self.reset_zoom_title, 'shortMonths': self.short_months, 'shortWeekdays': self.short_weekdays, 'thousandsSep': self.thousands_separator, 'viewData': self.view_data, 'viewFullscreen': self.view_fullscreen, 'weekdays': self.weekdays } return untrimmed
__all__ = [ 'Language', 'AccessibilityLanguageOptions', 'ExportDataLanguageOptions', 'NavigationLanguageOptions' ]